Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge, Miami Gardens FL | Merchant Profile

Taking traditional cuisine and elevating it to the next level, Yarumba Restaurant and Lounge holds their concept to a higher standard and do so with the utmost authenticity and genuine quality and care. Paying close attention to detail, Danny Penalo Dominguez meticulously crafts his menu in a true chef driven fashion, encapsulating the Dominican cuisine and raising it to a higher level. He and his father Sergio Dominguez fuel the culinary powerhouse known as Yarumba, and their efforts are nothing short of impressive, raising their concept to the highest degree. The quality and consistency that comes from the entire restaurant from top to bottom is an enhanced dining experience, and their efforts are prevalent throughout the entire concept. Creating a unique idea by fusing traditional Dominican and modern techniques, Danny and his team have sought to provide an upscale yet unpretentious environment, and have done so flawlessly. The genuine care for quality and trustworthiness is what separates the restaurant from the competition, and the ambiance encompasses a home like environment with the elegant simplicity. The change of pace the location has created, separates it from similar restaurants with their international fusion paired with menu items that satisfy to the utmost degree. The staff rivals the idea of providing a welcoming atmosphere and in doing so seamlessly, immerses each customer into an inviting setting. The dishes compliment the environment, and Danny prides himself on his ability to provide something to adhere to everyoneís palate. In doing so, the restaurant has garnered widespread attention, simply due to their honest efforts that do not cut any corners. The Mofongo does just that, providing a wide array of options for guests to choose from and consistently has people coming back for more time after time. Options include Skirt Steak, Shrimp, Pork, and Spanish Sausage among many others. The Sancocho is reason enough to stop in, an authentic Dominican dish, a heavy broth that consists of various meats that provides a savory and hearty meal time after time. Bringing the entire experience full circle, the entertainment is bar none, consistently providing something authentic and new that immerses customers in a full fledged Dominican experience. On Fridays and Saturdays they host their own disco, as well as popular Dominican artists that provide top notch music for customers to dance to and enjoy. The Margaritas are fresh, house made options that use the best ingredients, a popular option being the Passion Fruit Margarita. Everything is sourced fresh and made in house promising an excellent experience with each visit. Stopping by not only ensures a quality Dominican experience, but a memorable one, and from top to bottom, does not lack in any category.

4740 NW 16th St.
Miami Gardens, FL 33014