Yats, Franklin TN | Merchant Profile

Joe Vuskovich was born and raised in New Orleans. The former Crescent City restaurateur wanted to develop a concept featuring his beloved native inspired cuisine in a straightforward and innovative style matching his outsized personality. At Yats orders are placed at the counter from the chalkboard menu. The menu is rotating, offering a variety of sauces and a rich combination of flavor. These satisfying entrees that reflect Joeís New Orleans roots. Complex sauces served over rice with toasted buttered bread.There are no printed menus and no wait staff. Doesnít get any simpler than that. And thatís just the way Joe Likes it.The menu is essentially Louisiana cuisine, with a heavy emphasis on beans, rich flavorful sauces. There are etouffees, gumbos, jambalayas, red beans and rice, in various combinations. Yats’ take on the Chili Etouffee is by far the menuís best seller. Another popular item is the Drunken Chicken. While most diners are content with the level of spiciness, if you want to dial up the thermostat, Yats provides an extensive choice of seasonings at hot sauces to challenge even the most adventurous eater. Whichever entree you choose from the menu be sure to leave room for a sinful dessert. How about some homemade peanut butter cream pie?Yats in Nashville is located at 2000 Mallory Lane STE 615 Franklin, TN 37067. For questions about catering or anything else call them at (615) 716-2916. You can also visit them at http://www.yatscajuncreole.com for more information and other locations.

2000 Mallory Ln
Franklin, TN 37067