Yi’s Korean BBQ, Pacific Grove CA | Merchant Profile

Yiís Korean BBQ is located at 1184 Forest Avenue in Pacific Grove. The restaurant serves some of the best Korean, Thai and Hawaiian food in Pacific Grove. 17 years ago Kristen Yi wanted to earn some spending money. She took her motherís recipes and introduced them in a space located in the downtown Monterey Farmers Market. The popularity of the her cuisine prompted her to open a restaurant at Fort Ord, and currently she is serving her delicious creations to hungry diners at her Forest Avenue location in Pacific Grove. Yiís Spicy Pork dish has been recognized as one of the areaís best by the Monterey Herald. Diner favorites include the Island Bento Box, with teriyaki salmon and chicken, Kalua pork, Lomi salmon, kimchi, rice and macaroni salad. Another popular favorite with the surfing crowd is the Loco-Moco,  with a Ω pound hamburger patty, Chicken Katsu, Portuguese sausage, 2 fried eggs and smothered in brown gravy over rice, served with macaroni salad and kimchi.Other canít miss items include the Pumpkin Coconut Soup with prawns, mushrooms and lemon grass in homemade pumpkin soup base. And, the Thaiwaiin Curry Beef Stew, featuring tender beef, carrots and potato in red curry stew and served with rice. Suggested dishes also include the Korean Burrito and the Spam Musubi.    If you are looking for a unique dining experience while in Pacific Grove stop by Yiís Korean BBQ. The restaurant features several beers on tap, wine and saki. Kristen and her warm and attentive staff will welcome you and ensure you have a great dining experience.   

1184 Forest Ave.
Pacific Grove, CA 93950