Yuki Hana, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Bringing a unique flavor to the Chicagoland area, Yuki Hana provides sushi, Korean barbecue, as well as private karaoke. Starting about six years ago, the restaurant has become a staple in the community gaining widespread success with their rich menu accompanied by the interactive entertainment. Yuki Hana puts a welcoming environment as a top priority, and does so flawlessly being a family owned location. With their open layout, the location brings the Clark Street vibe with the open windows and communal seating. The restaurant offers good food, good service, and a quality experience, and is perfect for an evening out with close friends and family. Yuki Hana has comprised an extensive menu that reflects the creativity that lies in the kitchen, separating themselves from similar restaurants in the area. A popular item, the Chitown Heat Roll, is a signature dish made from a deep fried tuna roll topped with unagi sauce and spicy mayo. Another item worth trying, the Salmon King Roll, is made from shrimp tempura, avocado, salmon, topped with green onion, wasabi mayo, and tobiko. When seeking a well crafted sushi roll, Yuki Hana succeeds in providing the best quality. Expanding recently, the restaurant provides a Korean barbecue also unique to the area. The customer is able to select their meat and cook it to their desired preference, offering an interactive experience. The establishment has prided itself on offering the freshest meats and the customer can rest assured they are receiving what they have requested. Offering a wide array of options, the customer can choose from marinated beef, baby octopus, beef brisket, spicy pork, chicken, pork belly, as well as different combos. Options are something Yuki Hana certainly does not lack. Patrons are able to rent rooms for private karaoke which brings the entire experience full circle. The opportunity to enjoy quality food, drinks, and entertainment is hard to pass up, and Yuki Hana thrives on providing these services. Located at 2920 North Clark Street, the cuisine is a must try while in the area and is sure to satisfy all tastes.

2920 North Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657