Yuri Japanese Restaurant, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Danny Parkís parents established Yuri Japanese Restaurant in May of 1986, when the San Jose area was still developing. Yuri Japanese Restaurant was actually the first sushi restaurant in the area, and the Parkís were able to build a niche market for themselves. Yuri Japanese Restaurant became the go-to spot in the area for great sushi. Over the years they were able to expand the restaurant to add more space while maintaining the same level of quality they have been offering for the last thirty years.  ìYuriî is lily in Japanese. Danny explained that so many of their customers thought the restaurant was named after his mom, so everyone called her Yuri. Eventually, she legally changed her name to Yuri to make life easier! The whole Park family has been involved  in Yuri Japanese Restaurant. Danny and his brother Paul grew up in the restaurant, and the culinary arts became Dannyís passion. Their parents are mostly retired now, and Danny and Paul are carrying on their parentís legacy that they worked so hard to build. Yuri Japanese Restaurant has traditional style decor and mostly booth seating that give a sense of privacy. They even have tatami rooms for larger parties that offer the same kind of ambiance as the traditional Japanese setting of sitting on the floor. Yuri Japanese Restaurant has a decent sized sushi bar and serve Japanese beer, wine, and sake.Danny explained that Yuri Japanese Restaurantís teriyaki dishes are very popular and probably their most ordered because so many customers grew up eating it. Many people still love that it reminds them of their childhood, and are now bringing their kids and grandkids to savor their favorite dish. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Danny explained that they are keeping up with the times by creating specialty rolls. Their ëSalmon Specialí is a popular roll; salmon, avocado, crab, and cream cheese deep fried and topped with sauces. Another customer favorite is the ëSuper Paradiseí, a spicy roll with different fish and avocado topped with different sauces. Yuri Japanese Restaurant is a great place to go out to eat but still enjoy a homey feel. Since they have been around for so many years, customers are able to still enjoy the food they grew up eating, made and served by the same people.

3236 S White Rd
San Jose, CA 95148