Zab Zab Thai, Monterey AR | Merchant Profile

Pui Sujun is the owner of Zab Zab Thai in Monterey, California. ìZabî means delicious, spicy, and hot, which is what you can expect from the food. Pui came to the United States from Thailand, with her aunt Ratana (Tanya) Voranoot, 15 years ago. She worked hard going to school and gaining over a decade of experience in Asian fusion restaurants. It was Puiís dream to open a restaurant where she could create her own unique flavors and recipes. Tanya, who has 35 years of restaurant management experience, was a major help in making this dream a reality. Pui found the location of her restaurant, but wasnít able to buy it at first, because the landlord was worried she didnít have enough experience. She was determined to open Zab Zab and persevered until she was eventually given the opportunity to buy the location. When they opened, it was just Pui and Tanya, they had a very small kitchen staff and no dishwasher, and they handled the opening crowd alone. It is two years later and they have had great success. They have enjoyed steady business with little advertising, and receive great reviews from customers on their unique flavors, good service, and cleanliness. Pui thinks itís important for people to do what they love. Even though she gets tired from working all the time, she is grateful to be able to live her dream.Zab Zab serves flavorful and unique Thai cuisine. One of their most popular dishes is the Kai Yang: a BBQ half chicken, marinated in lemongrass and Thai herbs, and served with their spicy sweet and sour and tamarind dipping sauces. Tanyaís favorite dish is the Chu-Chi Salmon: grilled salmon, topped with a light coconut sauce, red curry, and julienned lime leaf. Zab Zab has a large menu with noodle dishes, appetizers, soup, entrees, desserts, and more. To drink they have Thai teas and iced coffee and bubble teas. For adults they have a list of Thai beers and local wines. Zab Zab has a small, intimate dining area that can hold about 20 people. They have a private party room and an outdoor patio which can each hold around 15. Dogs are welcome on the patio. They have easily accessible parking and are open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. Check out Zab Zab for tasty Thai cuisine and great service!

401 Lighthouse Ave
Monterey, AR 93940