Zafran Kabab Palace, Pineville NC | Merchant Profile

Zafran Kabab Palace was established on April 9th, 2015, and is the only authentic Pakistani-Indian cuisine restaurant within a 100-mile radius of Charlotte. The family owned and operated restaurant has customers driving from out of state to come and dine with them! The owner Raiz Khan is not culinary trained but employs the best chef around. Raiz knows the food is ìcooked rightî because the look, smell, and taste are exactly the same as back home. Pakistani and South Indian food use the same ingredients and condiments but are just prepared in a different way. Zafran Kabab Palace is closed Tuesday but offers a popular lunch buffet Wednesday through Monday that includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Zafran Kabab Palace proudly serves only halal meat. At Zafran Kabab Palace, chefs from both Pakistan and India ensure authentic tastes. Customers love Zafran Kabab Palaceís ëZafran Mixí; chicken, beef, and lamb cooked with onion, lemon, and capsicum. The ëChicken Kadhaií is another popular dish, prepared with garlic, ginger, and onions stir-fried in tomato gravy.  Zafran Kabab Palace aims to make you feel at home. It is truly a one of a kind restaurant. Zafran Kabab Palace is honored and privileged to bring their authentic Pakistani food to the Charlotte community.

212 N Polk St
Pineville, NC 28134