Zahra, Mechanicsburg PA | Merchant Profile

In October 2011 Khalid Jilani opened Zahra Restaurant, which is named after his daughter. Before pursuing his dream of opening a restaurant, Khalid owned a convenience store and worked in human services with autistic children. The restaurant pays homage to Khalidís Pakistani roots. His food honors Pakistani culture and also the culture of Pennsylvanian community that is home to him and his family. Many of the recipes on the menu are family recipes created by his wife and mother. He has been told the restaurant has a home cooking style, but the dishes are unique from anything else in the area. Khalid says ìbring me anything else like this from the US and you can have the meal for free.î One of the most popular dishes is a chicken platter, which can be prepared a number of ways. Zahra is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday-Sunday and offers a lunch buffet on weekdays from 12-2:30 PM. Khalid tells his cooks to always ìput love into the food.î They use fresh ingredients and can accommodate special diets such as gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and halal. Khalidís favorite part of owning a restaurant is meeting new people. Zahra draws a lot of interesting people such as diplomats and university professors. A lot of their business comes from takeout and catering. Expand your food knowledge and come into Zahra for the flavors of Pakistan!

4830 Carlisle Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050