Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant proudly brings the real taste of traditional Ethiopian food to the Bay Area while providing the most welcoming atmosphere. Zeni Gebremariam came to America in 1991. She worked for IBM for a few years, but her co-workers constantly told her she needed to open her own restaurant. Zeni knew how to cook very well, and since there were not many good restaurants in the area, she decided to take the leap.Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant is completely authentic, from the curtains to the injera bread. For fourteen years, they havenít changed a single thing, and they want to show their customers exactly what Ethiopia looks and tastes like. Her restaurant is a little piece of Ethiopia you can walk right into.Dining in Ethiopia is characterized by the ritual of breaking Injera and eating from the same plate signifying the bonds of loyalty and friendship. The meal is normally served on a "Mesob", a large colorful woven basket used as a table, upon which a large platter is placed with a variety of dishes arranged on Injera.Customers go absolutely crazy for the ëVeggie Comboí, a plate with samples of five different vegetable dishes that are staples in Ethiopia. Even those who do not identify as a vegetarian love the ëVeggie Comboí. The ëKitfoí, an Ethiopian beef tartar, is another popular choice. Pair your meal with their delicious Ethiopian mead, Tej. Tej is similar to a white wine, but instead of grapes, Tej is made with honey. The honey wine goes perfectly with all the spices – it is absolutely delicious.The nice atmosphere and generous portions are part of what makes Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant so popular. When Zeni decided to open her restaurant, she wanted to stay completely true to the core of Ethiopian cuisine. While many restaurants Americanize their foods, Zeni and Loza refuse to, and their customers love them for that! Cooking has always been Zeniís passion, and she recommends you ìcome and try Ethiopian cooking at its best!î.

1320 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129