Zesti -Hartland, Wisconsin

How did the restaurant get its name?
The owner was thinking of names for the restaurant and he was thinking along the lines of “flavors” but he thought it was to basic and wanted a better name that still was close to flavors so he came up with zest a synonym for flavor and added an i on the end to make it “flavors” and give an Italian feel with being an Italian restaurant and the i instead of a y because there are places called zesty but with a y at the end.

What is your favorite menu item?
Lamb, or the seafood ravioli

When a new customer comes in, what appetizer or dish should they try?
Many appetizers to try but at the top of the list has to be the 3 dip appetizer which is 3 different dips that cover a wide range of flavors and areas of the world, the hand dusted calamari that has the perfect layer of bread crumbs that doesn’t steal the flavor of the squid, or try the best salad they have to offer the beat salad, and don’t forget about the calzones. For dessert a delicious home made tiramisu