Ziree Thai & Sushi, Delray Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Ziree Thai & Sushi is owned and operated by five siblings – four women and one man. This is the second restaurant they owned together. Ziree Thai & Sushi has been delighting Delray Ray residents with their authentic Thai cuisine and fantastic fresh sushi. One of the partners, Duenpen Susskine, explained they came up with the name Ziree by deriving it from one of the other partner-siblingís name, Siree Sudnaen. Duenpen explained that Siree means ìreally charming and peaceful.î They wanted to give the restaurant a zen atmosphere, so they decided to work that into the name and replaced the ìsî in Siree with a ìzî. The restaurant is indeed beautifully decorated and will bring out your inner calm. Ziree Thai & Sushi has a simple but tasty menu. The ëPad See Ewí is a very popular dish, made with fresh wide rice noodles sauteed in soy sauce with fresh broccoli. Everything is fresh at Ziree Thai & Sushi and all the dishes are made from scratch. The five siblings even prep and cook the food themselves. If you are in the mood for sushi, try the ëZiree Rollí; shrimp tempura, tuna, cream cheese, and avocado are rolled and sprinkled with tempura flakes and spicy crab. Ziree Thai & Sushi serves beer, wine, and sake and also has delicious Thai iced tea and Thai iced coffee. As all five siblings grew up working and studying the restaurant industry, they strongly understand how important quality is in both service and food. They aim to provide the ultimate restaurant experience. Ziree Thai & Sushi crafts traditional, authentic Thai cuisine that the owners grew up eating. You will never find artificial flavors or additives – only fresh, natural ingredients. They live out their shared passion each day by teaching individuals how to properly enjoy Thai cuisine.

401 W Atlantic Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33444