Zizi’s Cafe, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Zeynel Kaplangil, also known as Zizi, was born and raised in Turkey. When he was eleven, Zizi graduated from elementary school and moved to the city by himself. From ages twelve to eighteen, Zizi lived in the city completely on his own, attending school. When he turned eighteen, Zizi started his career in restaurants. He worked his way up from a dishwasher, and soon enough had restaurant owners seeking him out and helping him move his career along; they quickly saw the strong work ethic and talent the young man possessed. Zizi jumped on the chance to work on a cruise ship and travel the world. For ten years, Zizi managed sous chefs and a kitchen team and circled the globe four times. Zizi got to visit Antarctica, Greenland, and other far away places. Zizi learned a lot from all the different chefs he worked with over the years. Zizi fell in love on the ship with a Polish woman from Chicago. On a break, he went to Chicago to visit her family, and she convinced him not to leave. Zizi opened Ziziís Cafe in Chicago in 2012. Ziziís is a very comfortable casual Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant. Their homemade bread, falafel and hummus are always very popular. Zizi has four excellent Turkish chefs working for him that create excellent Turkish dishes. Order Ziziís Favorite: Pizmacun Wrap, served on homemade dough topped with seasoned ground beef, mozzarella cheese, choice of lamb or chicken doner, topped with onions, tomatoes, arugula, and parsley. Zizi is extremely hard working and only takes three days off a year. Treat yourself to a great meal at a wonderful restaurant – Ziziís is not one to miss!

2825 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657