Z’s Crazy Good, Monterey Park CA | Merchant Profile

Zís Crazy Good is a family owned and run restaurant in Monterey Park California. Z Petrossian is at the helm with over twenty years of restaurant experience. Z has built up and owned several other successful restaurants before Zís Crazy Good, but this is his latest venture.Zís Crazy Good offers a huge variety of different foods and dishes to try. A few of the favorites are Zís kabobz that are made with cilantro and a special habanero hummus, the Heart Attack Burger, which is pastrami ontop of a 1/3 pound burger with grilled onions on a bun, and for breakfast the Broken Heart, which contains their homemade Nutella brownie and vanilla ice cream in a crepe served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.If that doesnít have your mouth watering already, Zís Crazy Good offers tons of other options like wraps and salads, chicken teriyaki, thin crust pizzas, and even a full Mexican menu to pick from. Z also offers more hearty dishes like pork chops, ribs, and salmon for those who come in with a big appetite.On top of Zís Crazy Good restaurant, Z also operates the Zlicious Catering Company. For the past fifteen years Zlicious Catering has provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 1,300 students at Loyola High School. Z has also catered for many other events such as football games, weddings, funerals, and everything in-between.

1470 Monterey Pass Rd
Monterey Park, CA 91754